About Us

Oregon Mental Health Services (OMHS), was created in 2004 by Mary Sella, LCSW, to be a source of healing, growth and recovery in the Oregon, WI, area. In 2007, Jeremy Burtch, LPC, joined Mary as a partner to form OMHS, LLC, and services were expanded to include in-home psychotherapy in addition to outpatient psychotherapy and mental health consulting.  Jeremy  left OMHS September, 2018 to establish Restoring Balance Counseling, LLC.   Mary continues to maintain the role of  Clinic Administrator and psychotherapist.  Mary and the OMHS staff are committed to delivering compassionate, confidential and effective mental health care to our clients  and to increase the accessibility and acceptability of seeking mental health treatment.

OMHS has clinics in Oregon and Dodgeville, Wisconsin and we also provide school-based services to a number of districts in our area.

OMHS staff are trained as social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists. This allows us to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to our work with clients. Staff work collaboratively to share knowledge and resources which expands and strengthens our services.

We are a state certified outpatient mental health clinic, with offices in Oregon and Dodgeville Wisconsin. Certification assures that practices at OMHS meet a minimum level of compliance in regards to mental health treatment, Patient Rights, confidentiality, and administrative oversight. We continually strive to provide best practices for the clients we serve.

Our mission is to offer safe, confidential and effective outpatient psychotherapy.

Our staff are trained to treat

  • Relationship Issues within families and couples
  • Mood Disorders such as anxiety, depression and Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Trauma and its consequences
  • Child and Adolescent Development Problems
  • Parenting Concerns
  • Attention and Behavior Problems

We serve families with young children and teens, as well as adults, and couples.

We believe in a collaborative approach to treatment and see our work enhanced by building relationships within the communities we serve.

OMHS accepts many insurance plans including multiple Medicaid HMO’s. See our list of insurance companies that have contracts with OMHS.

Sliding fee scale available.