If you are seeking outpatient psychotherapy

Please contact Stacy Fountain, at (608) 835-5050 x101 or email her at if you have questions you would like answered before deciding if outpatient psychotherapy is right for you.

Before your first appointment

You are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance company before your first appointment to determine your benefits. If you need assistance with any of this information, please let us know.

Your first appointment

After you contact Stacy at (608) 835-5050 and she has verified insurance eligibility for services, she will contact you to make the initial appointment in the clinic office you choose with the assigned therapist.  Please bring relevant information to the first appointment, including:

  • your insurance card(s)
  • primary care provider name, address and phone number
  • your psychiatrist’s name, address and phone number if you have one
  • a list of any medications you have used to treat the presenting problem and any other psychiatric problems

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a number of forms required by the clinic during your first session. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.  These forms define your Clients Rights as a consumer of psychotherapy, identify goals for treatment, clarify fees charged to you and/or your insurance company, grant your permission to provide protected information to your insurance company for billing purposes, define HIPAA procedures, and get your permission to release and/or obtain confidential information to other professionals you have who are involved in your care, as well as family members, if deemed appropriate.  All of these forms will be reviewed with you and your therapist.  If you have questions or need clarification about the forms, please ask.

At your first appointment, you will meet with your therapist for an initial assessment.  You will be asked about your medical history, past mental health treatment history and outcomes (if any), family dynamics, and a variety of other questions so your therapist gets a complete and accurate view of some of the challenges you are facing at this time.  In addition to providing your therapist with information about you, your goals, and your presenting problem(s), the first appointment is also a time to determine if there is a good fit between you and your therapist. A good therapeutic relationship starts during the first meeting, and we believe that a good fit is essential to successful treatment.

Forms can be downloaded, completed, printed and brought to your first appointment if you choose. Please see the links to the appropriate forms to complete. All forms will be provided at your first appointment if you choose, or are unable to complete them before your first appointment.

Although this may appear overwhelming and complicated, it is not.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Stacy or your therapist.  They will be able to assist you.  🙂