Mary J. Sella, LCSW

Clinic Director and Outpatient Psychotherapist

Mary is the founder and owner of Oregon Mental Health Services, LLC.  OMHS was opened in  in 2004 to establish greater accessibility to mental health treatment in the Oregon area.  Mary has maintained a clinical practice providing individual, family and group psychotherapy to adults, children and families. She has partnered with the Oregon school district on numerous projects to strengthen student, staff and family relationships in the community.  This long-term relationship has resulted in the development of school based counseling in the Oregon School District since 2015.  Mary is currently developing a model of school-based programming in rural communities around  the state.

Mary has been a Social Worker since 1979, starting her career in Grant County, WI working in Child Welfare, Delinquency, Long-Term  Care services, and Social Work administration.  Mary began her clinical focus in 1989 when she became a psychotherapist at a community mental health clinic.  Mary practiced with 2 private clinics before opening OMHS in 2004.

Community involvement has been a large part of Mary’s personal and professional life.  She has served on numerous boards and committees and continues to volunteer time to professional development and social change to improve the well-being of our families and communities.

Mary is available at the Oregon Clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment. Mary is available for phone consultation and referral to community resources during office hours.

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