Mary J. Sella, LCSW

Clinic Owner and Director of Outpatient Services, Outpatient Psychotherapist

Mary is founder and co-owner of Oregon Mental Health Services, LLC. Mary opened OMHS, LLC in the Madison, WI, area in 2004 to establish greater accessibility to mental health treatment in the Oregon area.  She has partnered with the Oregon school district on numerous projects to strengthen student, staff and family relationships in the community.

Mary has been a Social Worker since 1979, starting her career in Grant County, WI working in Child Welfare, Delinquency, Long-Term Care for adults and the disabled, and Social Work Supervision and management. Mary began her clinical focus in 1989 when she became a psychotherapist at a community mental health clinic. Working in the public setting  has contributed to Mary’s commitment to serving people of all abilities and economic levels. Mary has a strong commitment to making treatment accessible in many ways to children, families and adults seeking to improve their functioning and relationships. This includes having physical locations that are close, being a part of the communities served and offering an inviting, safe and confidential setting to do the healing work and growth her clients desire.

Mary works primarily with couples, adults with mental illness, families and teens. Office hours are  Tuesday, and Thursday, 8am-2pm, and Wednesday 8am-8pm. Mary is available for phone consultation and referral to community resources.

Mary provides outpatient therapy at our Oregon location.

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